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People culture is a phenomenon in our modern-day society. Pop symbols filter into our daily interactions as well as conversations with people. If you are new to pop culture, you may wonder what all these symbols point out to. This post will highlight some of the top symbols in pop culture and what they mean.

1. The Skull

Previously, this was a symbol which inspired fear in many people. For the most part, it represented death and the fear of it. In other environments, the same symbol would represent danger. In modern-day pop culture, however, this symbol stands for fearlessness. The current pop culture embraces this symbol as a way to show that neither death nor danger can put down a determined soul.

2. A Cross

In modern-day pop culture, it is not uncommon to see musicians and even fans wearing a crucifix. Previously, this was a symbol secluded for the Christian faith. It was a sign of suffering and the triumph over the same. This analogy was in reference to Jesus Christ, the central figure in Christianity, who died on the cross for the salvation of their sins. Nowadays, when you watch many pop music videos, the artists will have a cross on their necks. If you are a fan of all online slots and were playing at a slot machine at a mall, you will notice a pop fan because of a crucifix. This symbol nowadays remains a fashion statement rather than having a deep meaning.

3. US Dollar

The US Dollar is another popular pop culture symbol used to symbolize power. Many pop artists advocate for hard work to accumulate money and thus have power. A slot game like Phantom of the Opera with five reels and 243 win channels is one of the channels pop artists advocate to use to gain this power.