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Taking up a career in performing arts can be very creative, depending on how strategic you are. Most people who are contemplating doing performing arts always find themselves wondering about their options in terms of the job market. Some of the jobs you can do after you have completed performing arts courses are as follows.

Become a Teacher

If you go to a school for performing arts and you excel in your studies, you can then add education as your specialisation and become a teacher. You can then apply for jobs in schools that teach performing arts. Alternatively, you can set up your own institution, like if you are talented in dance, and start teaching. You can also set up a virtual school where people from different parts of the world can pay to catch up with your online lessons.

Get Into Theatre

The reason why most people take up performing arts classes is for them to get into the theatre. You can become part of a team that does plays or musicals that are showcased in local or international theatres. Getting into theatre can come with the pressure to overperform. Still, it also brings the satisfaction of putting what you learnt into action. You can also become a regular performer at local theatres near you.

Become a Set Designer

The courses you will do in school will enable you to become a set designer and help in establishing studios both for professionals and for amateurs who are just getting into the business. Since you have a trained eye to notice the finer details, you will get paid to make sure that the set is ready for performance. You can become a freelance set designer working with many production houses, or get employed by a well-established production house to do all the set design work for them.